Parity Investments

Improving investment outcomes for South African savers

Open and Transparent

Dedicated to triggering a systemic change in favour of cash savers

We provide free and unbiased education about the processes, costs, and risks associated with Cash Investments – empowering decision making and improving outcomes

What Parity Investments is about

The Financial Services industry typically divulges as little information as possible, relying on mystique and information asymmetry to help justify fees and incentives.

We are challenging this paradigm

By mobilising and realising the power of savers as a collective, we seek a more equal balance of power between the providers of savings products and savers

As a start we are looking at:

Short term savings

Promoting the reform of the Money Market Fund industry

Currently, fees are generally too high, unwarranted risks are being taken, and the value of retail savings is being lost.

The aim is to change this model via the creation of a true collective investment scheme, i.e. one which is owned by the collective, with more of the benefits of acting as a collective accruing to the investors, rather than as a fee generating exercise for the managers.

Longer term savings

RSA Retail Savings Bonds offer the best interest rate investments available in South Africa.

The Fixed Rate bonds have an option to re-start should rates rise, removing the risk usually associated with Fixed rate investments.

These bonds are hugely under-appreciated and under-used, mainly because they offer no fees to advisers and are out-marketed by lesser products sold by larger institutions.

To both promote these investments and to help investors to actively manage them, we are providing a free website and portfolio management tool: